Zerona vs CoolSculpting

Fat Cells: “Drain” Them or “Kill” Them? Which is Better?

Zerona vs CoolSculpting®

We’re going to talk about the “F” word…FAT!

It makes constant headlines with everyone trying to figure out how to best deal with excess body fat. Whether due to concerns for related health risks or sheer aesthetics, many Americans worry about fat. In fact, you could probably think of at least one person you know at this very moment who is dieting or exercising to reduce their amount of body fat. We hope to educate you a bit on the function and importance of the fat cell as well as several formats currently available that reduce fat other than the more invasive Liposuction techniques. 

Before we get started let’s understand something critically important about fat cells…they DO NOT REPLICATE!  Meaning once fat cells have been killed/removed, your body will not produce more, even to accommodate future weight gain, of even a minimal amount.  We’ll get to why this is important further into our discussion. 

For now, have you ever wondered what fat is or how it works?  Let’s break it down as easily as we can.

Fat Cells

Our fat cells are actually not the bad guys we make them out to be. They are complex and dynamic entities that play an important role in a number of bodily functions. Fat cells actually support the processes that keep us lean and assist our bodies in the following ways:


  • Help Regulate Metabolism
  • Support Immune system
  • Produce hormones and proteins
  • Assist the liver in processing or removing fat and toxins
  • Assist our muscles in keeping blood sugar down


Problems arise when fat cells become enlarged. As a result, the liver will be less efficient, muscles cannot use glucose for energy, more fat gets stored, and there is an increase in blood pressure. If measures aren’t taken to maintain healthy fat cells the enlarged fat cells can send our entire body into dysfunction as well as lead to stress over physical appearances. 


Diet and exercise can go a long way in maintaining healthy fat cells. However, sometimes a little extra help is necessary to achieve the desired results. There are several non-invasive options for excess fat removal and skin tightening. Recall, that FAT CELLS DO NOT REPLICATE; your body will not produce more to assist with the bodily functions discussed above. That said, two of the most popular methods today are CoolSculpting® and Zerona a Low-level Laser Therapy (laser body sculpting). 


About CoolSculpting®

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive procedure that targets and freezes fat cells, resulting in 20% to 40% fat reduction in the treated areas. This is achieved through cryolipolysis technology, meaning fat-freezing.  A certified technician or doctor will place an applicator over the desired area for treatment. The temperature inside the applicator’s vacuum will drop, thus commencing the cell freezing process. The frozen fat cells are then naturally removed (eliminated) by your body via your liver in 2-6 months.

While the many benefits of CoolSculpting® boast the benefits of requiring no down-time and being a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. However, CoolSculpting® can also cause several side effects including pain, stinging, bruising, temporary redness, swelling or aching at the treatment site with the potential to last up 11 days post-treatment.

About Zerona

Zerona treatments use low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to effectively stimulate and collapse fat cells. Importantly, Zerona DOES NOT freeze or heat the fat cells. Since Zerona is a non-heating instrument, it does not sear the skin, but rather works within your body to tighten loose and sagging skin.

ZERONA Body Contouring Austin TX

Applied externally, the cold laser technology targets excess fat by emulsifying the fatty tissue. The low-level laser stimulation disrupts the membrane of the fat cells thus creating a transitory pore. The fatty material of the cell then seeps out into the interstitial space. The result is that fat cells within adipose tissue are shrunk instead of killed, therefore keeping the integrity of the bodily tissue without disrupting the fat cell’s overall health and function. The fat removed will escape through the lymphatic system, leaving the fat cells intact and able to perform the important functions they are used for every day. Clients can experience fat loss results in as little as two weeks!

Why is Zerona Better Than CoolSculpting?

You are now aware of how CoolSculpting® and Zerona work. So, of the two, which is better? Recall our lesson over the role of healthy fat cells. Statistics show that killing fat cells can at best provide (temporary) improvement in your physical appearance. However, and this is the VERY important aspect; should an individual gain weight (added body fat), that fat will need to deposit somewhere and will look for available cells. This fat will deposit in other closely available cells which can create a disproportionate look or what individuals refer to as “divets, shelves, or enlarged fat pads” on their bodies. The majority of people will NOT like their appearance. 

Freezing cells results in dead cells! Fat Cells DO NOT replicate…much like brain cells, when they’re gone, they are gone!  Given the importance of fat cells in our body’s day-to-day functioning, freezing or killing fat cells is definitely not the answer.  Just a few treatments of Zerona treatments can reset your fat cells and allow them to function like healthy, lean fat cells again! CoolSculpting® cannot guarantee you that. 

The answer is clear. The cold laser technology behind the Zerona procedure is FDA Market-Cleared (as of September 30, 2010) non-invasive, clinically tested, and proven effective as a fat loss treatment with no down-time needed post-treatment and zero pain!

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