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ArrayZerona & Cholesterol Reduction

Zerona & Cholesterol Reduction

In 2010, the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery published a non-randomized, non-controlled pilot study to assess the efficacy of laser therapy in the noninvasive reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride serum levels. Recent research suggests that Zerona may be an effective method of lowering cholesterol. In a recent pilot study, eighty-four percent of study participants demonstrated an overall reduction in total cholesterol serum levels when comparing baseline and study endpoint levels

Nineteen individuals were enrolled in the study and treated with a 635nm laser light. A standard lipid panel was studied before the procedure to establish a baseline and at the end of the second procedure week. When the cholesterol and triglyceride levels before and after the laser therapy were compared, 84% demonstrated an overall reduction in total cholesterol when compared to baseline (The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, Nov. 2010).1

While this preliminary study was too small to recommend the Zerona laser for cholesterol lowering, it does show another promising benefit of the fat loss procedure.  Many clients come to us with elevated cholesterol levels. We have seen an amazing correlation related to the reduction of cholesterol while performing Zerona laser treatments.

We work diligently with each client at Austin Body Contouring to achieve their desired goals. Clients consult with us daily about weight loss, reducing body fat, reducing inches due to body fat, getting into better overall shape while developing a healthier lifestyle.

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