Austin Body Contouring

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Why Austin Body Contouring

Austin Body Contouring treated their first client in 2010.  Since that time, clinic we have treated over 7,000 clients.  With over 250 5 star reviews between GOOGLE+, YELP, and Facebook, I wanted to tell you why we continue to have the success we have experienced.

1)  60 minute treatments with 10 minutes on the vibration plate

Austin Body Contouring is the only facility in Austin that offers its clients 60 minutes per LipoLaser treatment.  Any other facility in Austin only offers their clients 20 minute LipoLaser treatments.  After each 60 minute treatment at Austin Body Contouring, our clients spend 10 minutes on our vibration plates which help with lymphatic drain.

2)  Complimentary Consultation

We understand that our clients are excited to begin their treatments, however, we insist that our clients come in first for a complimentary consultation.  During this consult, our clients learn how the procedure works as well as the science behind the treatments.  Prior to their first treatment, we identify how our clients can prepare their bodies so they can maximize their results.

3)  All we do is LipoLaser

Having 4 LipoLaser treatment rooms afford our clients the ability to begin their treatments immediately after they have completed their free consult.

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