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What to Know Before Your 2nd Treatment

What to Know Going Into Your Second Treatment

As you prepare for your second treatment with Austin Body Contouring, we wanted to provide you with more helpful information to make you knowledgeable and informed. We find that about 10% of clients report results the day of their first treatment, while about 60% of our client’s report results within the first week of their first treatment. We are sharing some additional facts to help you better understand the Lipolaser process as well as numerous tips to enhance your individual success and encourage you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

What to be Looking For:

  • When looking at your body for visible results, DON’T look at your thickest body area. The thickest areas (i.e., belly area) tend to look bigger as the other areas decrease circumferentially.
  • Ladies, please recall, while the Lipolaser will NOT affect your bra cup size, you may notice your bra strap looser because of a reduction in back fat.
  • If you have not already done so, we recommend you take pictures to document your current status and skin texture. This enables better review as you progress throughout treatments.
  • Measuring can be VERY tricky and not provide consistent information simply because of deviations in exact area measured. Instead, we suggest using clothing at a more accurate gage for when something that has been too tight or not fitting is now getting looser.
  • Scales work for maintenance but not necessarily for progression. Body Fat is light and airy taking up more space, while muscle is dense and compact. We’ve had individuals lose 2-3 sizes in clothing while only reporting a loss of a few pounds.

Here’s How Our Treatments Work:

  • The laser produces the ATP energy that will interact with fat cells enabling them release stored fat from the cells and then drain.
  • You may experience a slight tingling, popping or sense of warmth during your session, however not everyone does and if you don’t rest assured that the procedure IS working. That is the ATP energy you are feeling.
  • Your goal is to be a “Master Eliminator” moving the now released fat through the body via bodily function.
  • Drinking the recommended 100 oz of water through-out the day affects the natural elimination process.
  • Successful elimination is vitally important! Follow the outlined protocol for best results. Namely; taking Milk Thistle to cleanse the liver and Niacin to encourage circulation of blood. Recall a “Niacin flush” may occur, lasting several minutes. Having both some food and good hydration will mitigate this. 
  • Elimination takes place via urination, perspiration (sweat equity via exercise) and bowel movements. You may in fact notice a change in your bodily functions; this is the body fat evacuating from your system.
  • Exercise promotes “Sweat Equity” elimination, we also suggest using a dry sauna if available.

Understanding Your Liver

How the Liver Aids in Elimination:

  • Your liver is the bodies primary filter. It needs to work efficiently to process the fat that has been released via our treatments. Therefore, we strongly encourage NO alcohol consumption during the length of your treatments and for a period of time afterwards.
  • Consider keeping things as easy as possible for your liver in order that it can function optimally and truly filter out all the toxins that need to be eliminated from your body. The released body fat is a low-level toxin that must filter through your liver in order to be processed out via bodily functions (Remember the 3 P’s).
  • Austin Body Contouring believes in “Eating Well to Live Well” and that by following the recommended “Lean, Clean& Green”  approach you will maximize your results
  • Strive to eat Leaner Foods with HEALTHY fats…when eliminating fat, you don’t want to introduce more high fat foods which will cause liver to have to work harder…keeping things simple for the liver is best!
  • Make eating Clean Foods a priority, include those that are free of processed or chemical ingredients or those that promote inflammation (soy, peanuts, dairy, gluten, pork, sugar and of course alcohol) and NO sugar, which causes inflammation and tricks the brain into wanting more and more.
  • Eat plenty of Green Vegetables that are especially nourishing for the Liver and Lymphatic system as well as providing fiber necessary for bowel elimination and having a high-water content in addition to provide micro and macro nutrients that are essential for overall nutritional health. 

Austin Body Contouring desires to be here for our clients during the length of your treatments and thereafter. Please feel free to ask questions of your trained technician or contact us directly via phone, text, or use the form below.   We look forward to hearing about your results and encourage you to become your best you.

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