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ArrayThe Scale – Friend or Foe

The Scale – Friend or Foe

Most people have mixed emotions about getting on a scale.  That is because we have looked at a scale as a way to “support” our goal to lose weight.  I believe this is the wrong way to look at the scale.  Here is how we use the scale at Austin Body Contouring.  We recommend to our clients that come in for body contouring that they do not get on a scale until they have completed their treatments.

Once they have completed their treatments, we recommend that every morning after they have been awake for about an hour, that they weigh themselves, and they do that every day (around the same time).  The goal here initially is not to lose weight.  Our goal is to stay the same weight.  If one of our clients loses a cumulative of 10 inches throughout their body after completing their lipolaser treatments, and they are able to maintain a stable weight moving forward, that client has the ability now to maintain their inch loss indefinitely.

I am not saying we do not want you to lose weight.  What I am saying is that I want you to learn what it takes to maintain your existing weight.  Once you have become stable with your weight for a period of time, you are learning what calories can be burned through exercise and what calories you can ingest while maintaining a constant weight.

Remember the difference between lipolaser and liposuction.  Lipolaser does not kill fat cells, it only drains them of their contents and makes the actual cell smaller.  This is why you lose inches.  While you will definitely lose inches with liposuction, you had better never gain weight again.  Most people do not know that when you remove fat cells and then gain weight, your weight gain will move to a new area of your body.  This is why numerous people appear to be in-proportional.

These are things we discuss during our complimentary consultation.  Please feel free to contact us at (512) 660-2810 and we will be happy to discuss this and any other questions you might have about body contouring.  That said, we feel the scale is our friend.

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