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Preparing For Your First Visit

What to Know Before Your First Treatment with Austin Body Contouring

As you prepare for your first treatment with Austin Body Contouring, we wanted to provide you with helpful information to make you knowledgeable, comfortable and informed as to what to expect from your Lipolaser session to help eliminate stubborn body fat. We also suggest you review our Protocol Page HERE to be sure you are fully prepared to maximize your results and review our suggested supplements HERE

Zerona Lipo Laser Treatments

What can I expect to feel?

  • Our treatments are 100% Pain FREE!
  • There is NO discomfort or downtime
  • Some individuals do feel a slight sensation of either warmth, stomach gurgling, tingling or air popping, but not everyone does.

What should I bring with me?

  • Have your personal facemask
  • We suggest a water bottle
  • You may keep your phone with you – you may want earbuds if you plan on listening to music or watch programming
  • Your watch or jewelry is not a problem

What should I wear:

  • Arrive in whatever attire and be prepared to remove clothing except for under garments
  • Men typically just remove their shirts and shoes
ZERONA Body Contouring Austin TX

What is the technique used?

  • You will lay on the treatment table in accordance with your stated goals – most start laying on their back to focus on stomach area
  • The Laser will be repositioned, again depending on your goals, every 20 minutes by the trained technician.
  • A typical client will spend several rotations stomach side up and then turn over to complete their session.
  • The format is adjusted depending on the individual goals discussed during your consultation and our highly trained technicians will always discuss your goals as well.
  • Your session will conclude with use of our vibration plate stimulation. After a client finishes treatment, they will move to the vibration plate for 10 minutes.


Austin Body Contouring desires to be here for our clients during the length of your treatments and thereafter. Please feel free to ask questions of your trained technician or contact us directly via phone, text or email.  We look forward to hearing about your results and encourage you to become your best you.

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