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For the past 15 years we have served clients from as far North as Killeen and South as far as Bastrop and beyond. In order to better serve our clients we have entered into “Select Partner” Relationships to better afford our clientele throughout Austin and the surrounding area’s the opportunity to take advantage of our superior Body Fat Reduction Treatments. 

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Austin Body Contouring SW – Kyle


201 S. Meyer Street, #C

Kyle, TX 78640

Hello, I’m Amanda Pischel, a partner at Austin Body Contouring, a premier destination specializing in body contouring to help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. I attended St. Edward’s University, where I conducted research and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. With a passion for understanding the intricate connections between health, the nervous system, and psychology, I have dedicated years to becoming an expert in how these aspects shape our lives.

Throughout my professional journey, I’ve been committed to empowering individuals to not only look their best but also feel their best from within. By taking a holistic approach that considers the complex synergy of physical, neurological, and psychological factors, I am dedicated to offering tailored body contouring solutions that address both the body and the mind.

At Austin Body Contouring, we strive to harmonize innovation and science to help you reach your aesthetic aspirations while fostering overall well-being. I am thrilled to welcome you to our new space in Kyle and guide you on your journey to a happier, healthier you.



Tere Carrillo Terapeuta – Round Rock 


1000 Gattis School Rd #310
Round Rock, TX 78664

Teresa Carrillo, Graduate in Comprehensive Education with a postgraduate degree in Learning disability,Certified Therapist Instructor of the state of Texas, Surgical Assistant and Specialist in Post-Operative medical processes, CEO of Tere Carrillo Group (Spa, Holistic Center and Academy), Speaker and founder of the women’s movements BRUNCH DE JEFAS and the HIGH IMPACT CONNECTIONS Networking, volunteering for multiple non-profit organizations that support the development of Latin women in the US and VENEZUELA, of her native country, Best Seller Writer of 5 books, Creator of the Educational Project **Distributing Our Roots ** “Regando Nuestros Raíces”where we culturally educate children from a distance in the US, children of Latin parents, promoting interculturality thanks to alliances with different leaders. Likewise, with Aby la Rosa, an internationally famous artisan, we find ourselves reviving ancestors crafts to bring that knowledge to the communities on Margarita Island. Creator of the “UBUNTU” connection to retreat. I am because we ALL are, where the professional unites with the spiritual, promoting integration and enhancing the BEING before DOING. 


Teresa Carrillo,  Licenciada en Educación Integral con postgrado en dificultad del Aprendizaje, Instructora de Terapeutas   Certificada del estado de Texas, Asistente de Cirugía y Especialista en procesos médicos PostOperatorios, CEO de Tere Carrillo Group (Spa, Holistic Center and Academy) , Conferencista, Locutora, fundadora de los movimientos de mujeres BRUNCH DE JEFAS y el Networking CONEXIONES DE ALTO IMPACTO, voluntaria de múltiples organizaciones sin fines de lucro que apoyan el desarrollo de la mujeres hispanas en EEUU y VENEZUELA su país natal, Escritora Best Seller de 5 libros , Creadora del Proyecto Educativo **Regando Nuestras Raíces**,donde educamos culturalmente a distancia a niños en EEUU hijos de padres hispanos, fomentando la interculturalidad gracias a la alianzas con diferentes líderes. De igual manera con Aby la Rosa, artesana de fama internacional nos encontramos reviviendo los oficios ancestrales para llevar q las comunidades esos conocimientos en la Isla de Margarita. Creadora del retiro de conexión “UBUNTU”. Yo soy por que TODOS somos, donde lo profesional se une con lo espiritual fomentando la integración y potencializando el SER antes del HACER


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At Austin Body Contouring, we have two types of LipoLasers: Zerona and Lapex. Both are completely painless, FDA Approved, and use cold laser technology to drain the fat out of cells.

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