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ArrayNever Kill a Fat Cell!

Never Kill a Fat Cell!

Fat cells do not replicate.  Removing a fat cell either by liposuction (incision then vacuumed out) or by Cool Sculpting (freezing the fat cell to death) sounds like a good thing to do.  IT WILL BE PERMANENT.

There is one major consequence: if you gain weight at a later date, the fat cannot go back to the area where the fat cells were either removed or where they were killed.  Now when you gain weight, the “new” fat must find a “new home” somewhere else on the body.

Let me give you a more common example.  Most of us have either seen an “un-proportional” person or might even know an “un-proportional” person.  No one is ever “un-proportional” at birth.  An “un-proportional” person is someone who removes fat cells from there body and then subsequently gains weight.

If you are going to do any type of body contouring, do Lipolasers (either Zerona or Lapex).  Lipolasers drain the fat cells and allow the contents of the fat cell to be removed by the lymphatic system through bodily functions.  Since the fat cell was not removed or killed, if you do eventually gain weight, you will be as proportional as you were prior to having the Lipolaser treatments.

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