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ArrayLipoLaser (non-invasive) vs. Liposuction & Other (invasive) Procedures

LipoLaser (non-invasive) vs. Liposuction & Other (invasive) Procedures

Austin Body Contouring has been performing LipoLaser treatments for the past 6 years.  We performed our first LipoLaser treatment in 2010.  All we do is LipoLaser and the reason for this is we do not believe in removing or “killing” fat cells.

The problem with removing fat cells (Liposuction) or “killing” fat cells (intense freezing – Zeltig, Cool-Sculpting) or Ultrashape Intense heating) is that once a fat cell is gone, it will never be replaced.  While that might sound interesting, the word “un-proportional” may take on a new meaning for you.

Fat cells are similar to brain cells in the fact that they do not replicate.  Once they are gone, they are gone forever.  Here is the inherent problem.  If you remove your fat cells from a  specific area, and you subsequently gain weight, people think the fat will come back to the same area, but it will not.  Once the fat cells are removed, the fat will go to a “new” area of the body.  Now you have the potential for becoming “un-proportional”.

Below are some comparisons between LipoLaser and Liposuction:

Non-Invasive LipoLaser

No Pain
No Downtime
No Swelling
No Risk of Infection
Return to Work & Play Immediately
No Scars
No Anesthesia Risk
Shrinks Fat Cells– no damage to tissues

Invasive Liposuction

Pain (maybe significant)
Surgical Recovery Period
Localized Swelling
Infection Risk
Time off of Work & Play
May have Scars
Anesthesia Risk
Some Destruction of Tissue & Removal of Fat Cells
Effective Fat & Inch Loss

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