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ArrayHow long will my LipoLaser results last?

How long will my LipoLaser results last?

Nutrition is a key component to the success of our clients.  While it is not important to be “losing weight”, there it is important for our clients to have their weight remain constant.  We tell our clients not to use their scale during their treatments because our results focus on inch loss (body contouring) and weight loss might not happen as quickly.  When our clients are able to maintain a constant weight, viagra the “inch loss” that our clients achieve will remain indefinitely.

Most of our clients are not aware that when a person has liposucton, the fat cells are permanently removed.  Should that same person gain weight in the future, the fat cannot return to the area where the fat cells were removed.  The fat will now go to new areas. The word “unproportional” will take on a new meaning for that individual.

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