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At Austin Body Contouring, our goal is to help you be your best you. We are a leader in assisting our clients to reveal their true shape with natural fat removal using non-invasive laser body contouring. Our custom tailored program assists clients with daily habits that allow you to achieve your desired results for weight loss and body fat reduction.

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“My results from ABC have been amazing! I have had so much trouble losing weight in my stomach, hips, and thighs for my wedding. The results were immediate, even the next day after first session of the Zerona I could tell a difference. I just finished my third session and overall have lost 8 inches and about 10 pounds. This includes a whole two inches from my waist. I feel so much better and people have been asking me how I look so good!”
Ashley O.
Ashley O.On Facebook
The services I received at Austin Body Contouring (ABC) were nothing short of outstanding. Jean and Ed were very friendly, the office was immaculate, and the effectiveness of the Zerona treatment blew my mind away. I live over an hour away; however, once I got a taste of the ABC experience, I did not mind taking that drive every week. I started with three two hour sessions in which I saw noticeable results three days after the first treatment. Following the third session, I was satisfied. I wish I measured myself before and after to compare the difference, but pictures said everything. A few months later, ABC was at the top of my list to help me shed a few inches in preparation for my vacation. I made one phone call and scheduled my appointments hassle-free for the next three weeks. And, there I was again excitedly driving over an hour one way to be apart of the ABC Experience.
Kiyuana S.
Kiyuana S.On Google
I cannot say enough about ABC! Ed is the most personable, amazing man! From the very first appointment, I felt right at home. He was upfront and met my needs spot on. He makes me feel totally comfortable and I’m seeing progress! I have had 2 cesareans, endometrial ablations and a hysterectomy – so, my tummy isn’t my favorite spot! To date / I have gone back 4x and I’m not stopping now! I feel incredible and even family members have noted how much I’ve changed physically. Thanks to Ed, I’m starting to feel more like my old self mentally as well!! Thanks Ed for being everything!!!
Emily F.
Emily F.On Yelp
“Going to get laser lipo treatments with the Zerona is something I look forward to every week! I work long days and don’t typically have the time or energy (mentally or physically) to go for a good workout. Now I get to relax in a tranquil environment for 2 hours a week instead….with no outside noise, laying on a comfy table-bed, listening to music on my phone, and losing inches around my stomach and thighs with zero effort! I got noticeable results after only one treatment. After 3 three treatments I had lost 2.5 inches around my waist and all my coworkers were asking me what my secret was, lol. Very relaxing and friendly environment. Ed and Jean are very personable and treat you like family (not like your just a customer). I would recommend these treatments to anyone and everyone. Exercise results can only get you so far, but Zerona treatments put your results over the top. You’ve got nothing to lose but inches 😊”
Rachel W
Rachel WOn Google
“These are by far the quickest results I have ever seen! I lost about a size after my first treatment, I am down two sizes now after 4. Returned with my fiance to get a few more sessions before our wedding, he liked my results so much he wanted them for himself! He, too, has seen great results with inches lost and firmer skin after just two treatments. We are on track to look and feel our best by our wedding and as a bonus, it even caused my stretch marks to fade to almost completely gone! We are believers. Zerona at ABC with Ed will work for you!”
Drea F.
Drea F.On Facebook
My results from ABC have been amazing! I have had so much trouble losing weight in my stomach, hips, and thighs for my wedding. The results were immediate, even the next day after first session of the Zerona I could tell a difference. I just finished my third session and overall have lost 8 inches and about 10 pounds. This includes a whole two inches from my waist. I feel so much better and people have been asking me how I look so good!
Ashley O.
Ashley O.On Yelp
Ed was so informative and made me feel very comfortable. The procedure is affordable and non-invasive without any downtime! Went in for my treatment, got in my car and carried on with everyday activities. I have lost an entire pant size in less than 4 treatments. I would do it all over again and highly recommend Ed at Austin Body Contouring.
PatriciaOn Groupon
“This is one of the best things we have done to get our bodies back into shape. This is a great place with a fantastic atmosphere. ED is the best and he takes very good care of you during your treatment. This treatment does not hurt at all and really works. My wife first started the treatment then after I saw the results I started myself. The treatments are more about shaping your body then losing weight but I have lost over 15 pounds in just over 3 treatment. I highly recommend using this treatment to reshape your body. This is one of the best investments I have made for myself. If you want to reshape your body come see ED and he will take care of you.”
Jeromy B.
Jeromy B.On Facebook
“Love ABC! I have been having trouble losing some weight I gained over the past couple years. I thought I would try something new since diets and excercise weren’t getting me back to my normal body. The Zerona treatments really helped me build back my confidence & I could tell a difference after just 3 treatments! I also love that Ed offers early 6am-8am or late 6pm-8pm appointments—super convenient to go in before or after work! Highly recommend ABC for a little boost!”
Kim J.
Kim J.On Facebook
“If you are considering body contouring, this is the place for you! Ed is straight forward and not high pressure. My results have been amazing !! I have had great results in my belly and back fat. The best is the unexpected results in my face. My skin is more taught and my face is thinner. You will find that you are getting someone who cares about his clients and a better value than others offer.”
Susan P.
Susan P.On Facebook
I am on my 5th treatment and I can’t believe the difference in my waist and especially my face! I was very skeptical at first, and when I went in for my first treatment and laid under the swirling red lasers, I thought “oh god I just waisted money,” but after my second treatment I could NOT believe the difference! Shirts that never fit across my chest now do (but I haven’t lost cup size) and my skinniest jeans fit again! I can’t recommend Zerona and Austin Body Contouring enough!!
Chelsea B.
Chelsea B.On Google
“I highly recommend this place!! I can’t even describe how happy I’m with the results in such a short time. I’m an active person and I have always being skinny but I had a lot of trouble losing fat from my love handles. Not matter how much I exercised this part, I wasn’t able to get rid of them. That’s when I decided to give ABC a try and now my love handles are almost completely gone after 6 sessions. Ed is super professional and straightforward, he explains everything you need in order to get the best results. My advice: follow the protocol and don’t be afraid of try it, it really works!”
Anai R.
Anai R.Facebook
“I’ve done lots of lipolaser before, each with a different device and procedure. The Zerona laser at ABC is about as noninvasive as you can get, and the results are just as good. Ed is very good at explaining exactly what is going on and how it all works. After only 2 sessions, my waist is already more defined and my face looks slightly skinnier. He’s also extremely responsive and super flexible and understanding with schedules.”
Genevieve W.
Genevieve W.On Facebook
“The treatments have made a believer out of me. I feel my self confidence rebuilding. I’ve had six treatments and have lost a total of 9.75 inches! No special diet required. Ed is very personable and professional. It’s a very relaxing atmosphere and my two hours are almost like being at a spa.”
Yvonne S.
Yvonne S.On Yelp
“I am thrilled with my results! I’ve lost 7 inches around my trouble areas, tummy, hips and outer thighs. The treatments are pain-free. It is actually quite relaxing and has a spa feel. Ed had been really great helping me get the results I was seeking. I would highly recommend Austin Body Contouring to anyone wanting to get rid of stubborn body fat.”
Christine L.
Christine L.On Facebook
“Austin Body Contouring helped me shed those last few pounds before my wedding. The Zerona laser helped me get immediately on track. If you are reading this, you are on the fence… DON’T BE! This WORKS. You will see results, but you must follow the protocol and drink a lot of water. Jean and Ed explain everything in detail, and you must listen! The results are immediate and you WILL feel amazing!”
Paige R.
Paige R.On Facebook
“I had to tighten my bra after the first treatment! After the 3rd treatment I was able to fit back into my favorite jeans that were too tight! Ed was very friendly and professional! He is extremely honest and forthcoming about the whole process! Yes you have to do your protocol and wait for your first appt but it’s worth it! I go to a wet and dry sauna which I believe is helping expel the fat cells faster!”
Teresa S.
Teresa S.On Facebook
“I’m so incredibly glad I went through with this, my results have been amazing! After having my baby in December I needed just a little help with the little bit of fat around my lower stomach and thighs and after just 3 treatments the results are spectacular! Ed provided me with every detail of what I”ll be doing, the results I’ll see and how I can make the most of it. LOVE HIM! He’s extremely confident in what he does and is straight forward and honest, which I think is extremely important when getting something like this done. 10/10 recommend!”
Caitlyn S.
Caitlyn S.On Google
“I am so glad I came across the groupon deal for Austin Body Contouring. I had just started my diet and being like most women, I am an “instant gratification” kind of person. I had my reservations until I met Ed, he is a straight forward kinda guy, and I love that. I went in for my first treatment and told Jean my story and I felt like i had made a friend. She is professional and kind! As for my results. WOW I took my own measurements before the first treatment and after the last. Happy to say I have lost a total of 5.4 inches! Everyone who asks me what I did I tell them to go talk to Ed and Jean at Austin Body Contouring!”
Vicki R.
Vicki R.On Google
“So happy I found this place! I completed a couple treatments and already am seeing results in cellulite reduction in the back of my legs. I’ve always worked out but lately my cellulite has gotten worse and worse(getting older sucks). This has really helped me get back to my normal body! Highly recommend Austin Body Contouring for a little boost!”
Kim J.
Kim J.On Google
“By incorporating Austin Body Contouring and the Zerona laser into my lifestyle, I was able to see immediate results. The laser treatment really works to reduce those “stubborn” fat areas. Ed and Jean are extremely helpful and walk you through a protocol to see the maximum benefits. I admit, I was skeptical and there are mixed reviews, but I saw immediate benefits from this treatment and lost the few extra pounds I wanted. The results exceeded my expectations!!! Follow the protocol and drinks LOTS of water – you WILL see a difference!”
Paige R.
Paige R.On Google
“I LOVE THIS PLACE AND ED. When I went to my first appt I have lost all hope in myself. ED truly helped me find myself again. If your busy like I am, u could use some relax time. Nothing better than relaxing while LOSING INCHES. If I could give this place 100 stars I would. I’m living proof it works. I cant thank ED enough for changing my life around.”
NatashaOn Groupon
“Ed and Jean are great. I gave the Zerona a try and along with the recommendations they gave me, was down 10lbs by the end of my treatments and felt less bloated at the end of every session. Each session was relaxing as well and loved how effortless it was to slim down. Thanks Ed and Jean!”
Mariana M.
Mariana M.On Google
“After 3 sessions of LipoLaser treatments with Austin Body Contouring I have 8 pounds weightloss, down several dress sizes, beautifully reduced previously exercise resistant stubborn fat areas and an added bonus of reduced inflammation in joints! Ed provides exceptional service.I highly recommend Austin Body Contouring.”
J.W.On Google
“I’m so thankful to have met Ed when I did. I have been struggling with my lower stomach for many years and have horrible stretch marks from my first pregnancy. I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 3 inches with 3 treatments and my stretch marks are starting to fade which I’m so thankful for. Ed takes the time to consult with you and explain how everything works. He doesn’t sugarcoat or tell you things that you want to hear he’s very informative. I’m going to continue to do treatments and I highly recommend Austin Body Contouring to anyone.”
Krystal G.
Krystal G.On Google
“After losing weight, working out, strict diets and every other “magic pill” under the sun, I still had a pooch from my C-section. Nothing worked. After three sessions at Austin Body Contouring, the pooch was 90% gone. If you follow Ed’s easy protocol, you too will have results. I cannot recommend ABC enough!”
Steph P.
Steph P.On Yelp
“I have to start with I’m not done with my sessions so I don’t have an overall experience review, just an on going one. So far I’m totally obsessed. I went for one session and weighed myself before my second session. I’ve lost ten pounds. TEN POUNDS IN ONE WEEK. I followed Ed’s guidelines and suggestions and I look and feel better in one week. I’m super excited to see and encourage everyone to try.”
Paula P.
Paula P.On Groupon
I love Ed, he’s not your conventional business owner. He offers an incredible service and is very knowledgeable and up front about the services and I prefer a no nonsense approach that tells me exactly why I ate too many pizzas and perhaps 1 too many beers. The office is very nice and Ed accommodates to make sure during your treatment you’re comfortable since the appointments are 2 hours, which is above and beyond what most offices would even bother to give you in reaching your goals. Following my first treatment with Ed I saw results and asked to schedule my appointments every other day and was accommodated immediately. My results have been incredible with his services alongside proper diet and exercise. I am so glad I made that call!
Erika S.
Erika S.On Yelp

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