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CoolSculpting® vs Zerona

CoolSculpting® is one of the most popular body contouring procedures in Austin. But it can come with unexpected and unwanted results… Read on to find out why you shouldn’t freeze fat, and how you may want to consider the Zerona Lipolaser that is offered at Austin Body Contouring.

Austin Body Contouring is Austin and San Antonio’s leading provider of NON-Invasive Zerona Lipolaser treatments for fat reduction, body contouring, and wellness. Click HERE to see our Before & Afters page.

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Why You Should NOT Freeze Your Fat: Killing vs Draining Fat Cells

It is important to know that fat cells DO NOT replicate. Once fat cells have been killed/removed, your body will not produce more, even to accommodate future weight gain.  Sounds good, right? But what happens if you do end up gaining weight? 

Should an individual gain weight (added body fat), that fat will need to deposit somewhere and will look for available cells. Since there are no more fat cells in the area that had CoolScultping, the fat will deposit in other closely available cells which can create a disproportionate look or what individuals refer to as “divets, shelves, or enlarged fat pads” on their bodies and uneven skin tone. 

CoolSculpting® Kills Fat Cells

CoolSculpting® fat freezing technology kills fat cells which are then naturally removed (eliminated) by your body via your liver in 2-6 months. A certified technician or doctor will place and physically manipulate an applicator over the desired area for treatment. The temperature inside the applicator’s vacuum will drop, thus commencing the cell freezing killing process (pictured below).

coolsculpting machine freezing fat

Zerona Drains Fat Cells

Zerona lipolaser on the otherhand, use low-level laser therapy (LLLT) externally to effectively stimulate and collapse fat cells (pictured below). The result is that fat cells within adipose tissue are shrunk instead of killed, therefore keeping the integrity of the bodily tissue without disrupting the fat cell’s overall health and function. The fat removed will escape through the lymphatic system, leaving the fat cells intact and able to perform the important functions they are used for every day.  It’s important to note that the Zerona lipolaser does NOT come in direct contact with the body and therefore is completely NON-invasive and Pain FREE with Zero downtime!

Zerona Lipo Laser Treatments

This video does a great job explaining Zerona Laser vs CoolSculpting in simple terms:

Comparing CoolSculpting®​ vs. Zerona


CoolSculpting®​: Non-invasive, no downtime

Zerona: Non-invasive, no downtime

Side Effects

CoolSculpting®​: Can have side effects including: pain, stinging, bruising, temporary redness, swelling or aching at the treatment site with the potential to last up 11 days post-treatment.

Zerona: No side effects, pain-free

Fat Cells

CoolSculpting®​: Kills fat cells

Zerona: Drains fat cells

Time to See Results

CoolSculpting®​: Results can take 2-6 months

Zerona: Many clients see results the next day, if not, within a week


CoolSculpting®​: According to the CoolSculpting®​website, it “will cost anywhere from $2,000 – $4,000 for a personalized treatment plan”

Zerona: Zerona treatments cost a FRACTION of CoolSculpting. We charge $135 per session, but often run monthly specials — see them here.

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Real Results from Zerona Clients

These are just some of the amazing transformations people have seen from LipoLaser treatments! Thousands have tried Zerona and have lost an average of 3.72 inches around the waist, hips and thighs. Imagine going from a large to a medium, or a medium to a small just by relaxing for an hour, a few times a week.

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