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Austin Body Contouring is looking for potential business partners that have a space (as little as an 8′ X 8′ room) and staff, along with an existing customer base.

What Austin Body Contouring offers:

  • Zerona LipoLaser from Erchonia
  • Certified Training
  • Fee’s paid out of revenue generated
  • Your business listed as a Zerona LipoLaser provider on Austin Body Contouring website
  • No up-front costs other than a refundable deposit of $2,500 to $5,000 which will be determined when we meet and it will be based on our partner’s client base.
  • 15 years of treating clients with Zerona LipoLaser

One of our established business partners is  Lockhart Body Contouring.

The owner of Lockhart Body Contouring (LBC), Liz, was a client of ours and she wanted to offer our body sculpting procedure in Lockhart.

We took one of our Zerona LipoLasers to Lockhart and Liz is almost ready for her second Zerona LipoLaser. 

Lockhart Body Contouring will need it as we move from the Holiday Season into our busiest time of our year:

  • New Year’s Resolutions
  • Spring Break
  • Summer

Zerona Drains Fat Cells

Hear what our clients have to say.

Zerona is an FDA Approved non-invasive fat loss laser that effectively targets excess fat without the negative side effects associated with surgical methods.

Our partner will receive a 50% to 75% share of revenue generated from Zerona LipoLaser treatments performed at our partner’s facility.

We welcome your inquiries and questions.  Feel free to call or text our office at 512.660,2810.

Let us get you set up to generate a new revenue stream with your existing clientele before the New Year fitness “craze” is in full swing.


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