Niacin – Vitamin B3

Niacin (or nicotinic acid as it’s referred to in medical circles) was the third B vitamin to be discovered (hence the name B3). It wasn’t until about 1943, though, that a couple of doctors reported that niacin worked wonders in relieving the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.  Niacin has a unique characteristic. If you… Read More

Why Austin Body Contouring

Austin Body Contouring treated their first client in 2010.  Since that time, clinic we have treated over 7,000 clients.  With over 250 5 star reviews between GOOGLE+, YELP, and Facebook, I wanted to tell you why we continue to have the success we have experienced. 1)  60 minute treatments with 10 minutes on the vibration… Read More

Magnesium For Constipation

Magnesium for Constipation Let’s explain how magnesium acts as a laxative.  It draws water into the gut, adding extra moisture to over-dehydrated fecal matter; It helps the smooth muscles of the gastro-intestinal tract contract better to move things along. Magnesium promotes better gut muscle contractions especially for those who are magnesium deficient. The symptoms of… Read More