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ArrayA Low Fat Diet For Maximum Laser Lipo Results

A Low Fat Diet For Maximum Laser Lipo Results

If you’ve committed to undergoing laser lipo treatments then you’ve likely read the recommended protocol that we publish for Zerona Laser and Lapex Laser patients.  While the protocol is optional, testing has demonstrated that those following the protocol have the best results.

Why a Low Fat Diet?Eat low fat foods for best zerona results

One key recommendation is that you follow a low-fat diet.  In recent years there has been a fair amount of debate over which is better for weight loss – low fat, low carb or low glycemic. A high fat/low carb diet is designed to help your cells release fat into your bloodstream.  However when you are undergoing lipolaser treatments, the laser is doing just that so adding excess dietary fat is going to slow your progress.  Since there’s a limit to how much fat your body can use as energy or process through your liver to be excreted, you don’t want to add too much dietary fat to your body while undergoing treatment.

Just keep in mind that the goal you are aiming for with Zerona treatments is to maximize fat loss. While you may also lose weight from your treatments, laser lipo’s goal is to remove only body fat.  When you diet for weight loss, you will almost certainly lose water, muscle and fat (in that order).  Since your aiming to lose primarily fat and not water or muscle, a low fat diet is the better choice for this purpose.  You can choose to eat a low fat diet that is also low glycemic and low carb.

Your Cells Will Release Body Fat into Your Blood Stream

Zerona and Lapex Laser treatments will release fat from your cells into your blood stream.   A low fat diet will best allow your body to convert the newly release fat into energy and purge your system of the excess.

How Do I Plan My Diet?

Fortunately the Internet is full of great tools and recipes that will allow you to create a diet that keeps your body and taste buds happy.   The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) diet was created to help people with high levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) and these guidelines can work well here.  Here’s a link to a sample menu for the TLC diet.

One of the best dietary tool sets on the web is also free –  This site offers recipes, support, meal planning tools, nutrition and exercise tracking tools and nutritional information for almost anything you can eat plus a free mobile ap.   You can keep it simple with their Mix & Match Diet Tool (log in required) that will quickly let you make food choices while viewing the nutritional impact each choice makes.

In summary, a low fat diet is your best choice to improve your laser lipo results and free web tools can make it easy to design a meal plan you’ll enjoy.


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