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Cholesterol Reduction in Austin Body Contouring patients using Zerona Lipolaser treatments.


In 2010, the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery published a non-randomized, non-controlled pilot study to assess the efficacy of laser therapy in the noninvasive reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride serum levels. Recent research suggests that Zerona may be an effective method of lowering cholesterol. In a recent pilot study, eighty-four percent of study participants demonstrated an overall reduction in total cholesterol serum levels when comparing baseline and study endpoint levels.


Nineteen individuals were enrolled in the study and treated with a 635nm laser light. A standard lipid panel was studied before the procedure to establish a baseline and at the end of the second procedure week. When the cholesterol and triglyceride levels before and after the laser therapy were compared, 84% demonstrated an overall reduction in total cholesterol when compared to baseline (The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, Nov. 2010).1


While this preliminary study was too small to recommend the Zerona laser for cholesterol lowering, it does show another promising benefit of the fat loss procedure.  Many clients come to us with elevated cholesterol levels. We have seen an amazing correlation related to the reduction of cholesterol while performing Zerona laser treatments.

We work diligently with each client at Austin Body Contouring to achieve their desired goals. Clients consult with us daily about weight loss, reducing body fat, reducing inches due to body fat, getting into better overall shape while developing a healthier lifestyle.


See what several of our clients have to say about their reduction in cholesterol as a result of their Zerona Lipolaser  treatments at Austin Body Contouring.

Case Study –  Layton F.

When I first began my Austin Body Contouring treatments I didn’t know what to expect. My cholesterol numbers were high and I was hopeful the Zerona treatments would be helpful in seeing a reduction.  As a 65 year old military veteran I had been taking Lipitor for over two years and my cholesterol was still in the HIGH range.  After several months my results have been amazing and I am now well within NORMAL ranges for all of my cholesterol numbers.  I have also gone down 2 pants sizes and feel so much better.

Thank you Ed and the Austin Body Contouring team for providing tremendous support and encouragement as you guided me to a healthier new me! I am proof that it’s never too late to get in your best shape.

Lab Results – Cholesterol Levels Before Treatment

Lab Results – Cholesterol Levels 3 Months After Treatments

Below is a recap of Layton’s progress:

                                                     1-3-13                  4-18-13                    Variance

Cholesterol Total                     221 (high)          185 (in range)         Decrease of 36 mg/dL

Good Cholesterol (HDL)          52 (in range)      69 (in range)           Increase of 17 mg/dL

Bad Cholesterol (LDL)            106 (high)            99 (in range)          Decrease of 7 mg/dL

Triglycerides                            314 (high)            84 (in range)         Decrease of 230 mg/dL

Case Study –  Sharon  H.

After learning of my elevated cholesterol levels, I was looking for something to help me bring my numbers down.  I had been on statins in the past and I did not feel well when taking them.  I wanted to try something different.  Several friends told me about their results using the Zerona lipolaser treatments at Austin Body Contouring.  I met with Ed for a consultation and have been impressed with the decrease in my levels in just one month. I am a “work in progress,” but feel hopeful that with my continued treatment and following the protocol Ed and his team have established for me that I will be within a healthy range before too much longer.

So far I have been truly impressed with Ed and the Austin Body Contouring approach.  His knowledge and concern for my well-being is genuine and appreciated. I’m looking forward to becoming a healthier me with his help and guidance.  I am presently doing treatments and will continue through November 2013.

Lab Results – Cholesterol Levels Before 1st Treatment

Lab Results – Cholesterol Levels 2 Months After 1st Treatment

Below is a recap of Sharon’s progress:

  06-23-13 8-2-13 Variance
Cholesterol Total 296 (high) 279 (still high) Decrease of 17 mg/dL
Good Cholesterol (HDL) 38 40 Increase of 2 mg/dL
Bad Cholesterol (LDL) 216 (high) 202(still high) Decrease of 14 mg/dL
Triglycerides 210 (high) 184 (still high) Decrease of 26 mg/dL

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