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How long will my LipoLaser results last?

Strong Abs

Nutrition is a key component to the success of our clients.  While it is not important to be “losing weight”, there it is important for our clients to have their weight remain constant.  We tell our clients not to use their scale during their treatments because our […]

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Magnesium For Constipation


Magnesium for Constipation Let’s explain how magnesium acts as a laxative.  It draws water into the gut, adding extra moisture to over-dehydrated fecal matter; It helps the smooth muscles of the gastro-intestinal tract contract better to move things along. Magnesium promotes better gut muscle contractions especially for […]

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LipoLaser (non-invasive) vs. Liposuction & Other (invasive) Procedures

Zerona LipoLaser

Austin Body Contouring has been performing LipoLaser treatments for the past 6 years.  We performed our first LipoLaser treatment in 2010.  All we do is LipoLaser and the reason for this is we do not believe in removing or “killing” fat cells. The problem with removing fat […]

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Dry Brushing For Lymphatic Stimulation


Your skin is a complex system made up of nerves, glands, and cell layers that, when healthy, serves as a buffer that helps protect your body from extreme temperatures and chemicals. It also produces antibacterial substances to protect you from infection and enables your body to produce […]

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Client Results After 6 LipoLaser Treatments


I purchased a Groupon for 3 sessions of Lipo Laser treatments after much research. I am an active 34 year old female and have areas that will not budge unless I starve myself and run 5 miles a day, but who wants that kind of lifestyle? The […]

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Drinking Enough Water

Drinking 100 ounces of water per day is important for zerona laser success

Did you know that your body is primarily water?  That’s right.  Your body has more water in it than any other substance.  That’s why water is critically important to your good health.  Water is important even when you aren’t undergoing cold laser treatments.  However, getting enough water […]

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A Low Fat Diet For Maximum Laser Lipo Results

Eat low fat foods for best zerona results

If you’ve committed to undergoing laser lipo treatments then you’ve likely read the recommended protocol that we publish for Zerona Laser and Lapex Laser patients.  While the protocol is optional, testing has demonstrated that those following the protocol have the best results. Why a Low Fat Diet? […]

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How Cold Lasers Work

Fat in the blood stream released from your cells by lipo laser

How does low-level-laser-treatment affect fat cells? I will begin to walk you through a series of primary and secondary reactions that originate in the mitochondria of a single cell and can migrate throughout the whole body! The mitochondrion is an energy station for all eukaryotic cells, and […]

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Zerona versus Liposuction

Zerona laser removes fat from hips and thighs

The following is from a Dr. in Toronto Canada: I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in the United States and Canada. For a number of years, I have run teaching workshops for different liposuction techniques including ultrasonic liposuction, laser liposuction and radio frequency liposuction. Not all […]

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Why Doctors Recommend Zerona as an Alternative to Liposuction

woman undergoing zerona laser treatment
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