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Newsletter – January 2017

Lose Inches, Keep Them Off, Be Healthy


The Scale   

Click on “The Scale” to learn how to better use your scale to help you “remain stable” with your weight.  We work with you so you can better understand the “daily choices” you make and how they affect your body.  Learn what it takes to remain stable with your weight.


Your Lymphatic System   

Click on “Your Lymphatic System” to find out how you can improve the removal of unwanted toxins from your body.  Make sure your Lymphatic System is working well and toxins will be released from the body through bodily functions as they should.


Magnesium – Natural Laxative   

Click on “Magnesium – Natural Laxative” to learn how magnesium can help with constipation.

Magnesium is a “water-soluble” supplement that has been helpful in combating constipation

and is a “natural” option to the chemicals typically found in most laxatives.


New Year…New YOU – Special Offer   

Click on New Year…New YOU to see our special offer for our returning customers.  1 hour

Zerona Lipolaser treatments for as low as $49.50 per 1 hour treatment.


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