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Austin Body Contouring Customers – Completed Treatments

cialis helvetica, pill sans-serif;”>Now that you have finished your treatments!

It has been a pleasure working with you.  We hope you are happy with the results you have seen so far into your treatments.

Our pricing is normally $150 per treatment after you have completed your first 3 treatments.

However, based on availability and the fact that we now have 4 treatment rooms, we are in a position to offer you this special opportunity:

Continue with your treatments  (no longer than 1-2 weeks from your last treatment) and we will offer you a price of:

$99 for 2 additional 1 hour treatments or $75 for 1 additional 1 hour treatment.

To take advantage of this opportunity, respond to us at Austin Body Contouring to take advantage of this offer.

Remember that: 20% to 40% of your results are going to happen in 4 weeks following your last lipolaser treatment.

It is important that you remain on your protocol during this time period.  We have found that while all parts of our protocol are important, the following four areas seem to be critical for continuing your results:

  • Remain hydrated (100 ounces of water daily, no more than 25 ounces per hour).
  • 400 mg of regular niacin daily.
  • No constipation (2-3 healthy bowel movements daily).
  • Minimal alcohol.


Please let us know if we can be of assistance and thank you for your support of Austin Body Contouring.

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