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Club Zerona – $49.50 Per 1 Hour Treatment

Join the Club!

1 Hour Lipolaser treatments for $49.50/treatment.


How Club Zerona works:

  • Receive 2 Zerona one hour lipolaser treatments per month.
  • Save these treatments or use them the same month (your choice).
  • These treatments have no expiration date.
  • Over 9 months, receive a total 18 treatments that you can use as you wish.
  • Your account will be charged $99 per month for 2 one-hour treatments.
  • Your cost per 1 hour treatment is $49.50.
  • Purchase additional treatments anytime for $50 per 1 hour treatment.
  • Great to share with you and a friend.
  • “Gift” Club Zerona to a friend. 


$99 per month will afford you 18 treatments over 9 months

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